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A Life Changer is that person who helped shape your future. They’re probably the reason you want to go into education. At BUSED, you’re not only preparing to change lives, you become a Life Changer the moment you enroll.

BUSED “Lifechangers” Video

Riley F., BUSED Doctoral Student, Sports Psychology

Jenn Bryson, BUSED Clinical Instructor, Elementary Education

Michael Del Greco, 7th grade math teacher at Sudbury Middle School

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Via social media channels, we share facts about #LifeChangers at BUSED, famous #LifeChangers and tips for BUSED students, which are also called #LifeChangers. Some posts drive to

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Drive brand awareness for BU’s school of education program (BUSED), while elevating the teaching profession with a powerful story. Recruit potential students to the BUSED program.

At BUSED, students are not only preparing to
change lives. They become a Life Changer the moment they enroll.

BUSED offers a unique approach in their school of education by offering students hands-on, in-classroom experience from the beginning of their education. BUSED students are encouraged to figure things out themselves, break the mold, solve problems creatively, and ultimately change the lives of the students they teach for the better.

We realized that for every BUSED student or potential student, there was probably someone who inspired them to be an educator. A Life Changer is that person who helps shape your future. They’re the reason you want to go into education. Here we encouraged potential BUSED students to become Life Changers themselves.

For the video, we spotlighted a BUSED graduate teaching in the real world. He shares why he is so passionate about teaching and what inspired him to become a Life Changer.

For the social media campaign, we shared facts about #LifeChangers at BUSED, famous #LifeChangers and tips for BUSED students (tips are also called #LifeChangers). Posts drive to campaign landing page.

I was most instrumental in developing the video and social media strategy of this campaign. For both of these elements, I worked directly with my writing partner to concept the #Lifechanger strategy. I also oversaw photoshoots for the brand library, and the design of web assets.

Creative Director: Sam Pitino
Art Directors: Michelle Pergal, Dana Ferruzzi
Copywriter: Evangeline Condakes

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