CountryBank Website

CountryBank Website Redesign

Before redoing the CountryBank website, it didn’t quite capture the fun, neighborly approach they have to banking. It also did not reflect their new brand. So the redesign brought out the tone of the brand, and also its new updated style that had been developed for campaigns leading up to the website design. The site is now live.

Home page full screen screen imagery

Full Home Page

Main menu offers a path from top to bottom. Website uses a responsive design to scroll the content over the background textures.

Personal Banking Page

This website required a lot of tables to communicate various rates and program offerings. So, it was important to establish a good looking, easy to read table design. This is an example of a page that utilizes several different types of tables.

Locations Page

Since the bank is regional, all the locations could be listed below the map. Once the location is clicked, address information pops up on the map over the selected location.

Mobile Design

This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

Please upgrade today!