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Any company can say they’re not just any IT company, but we actually walk the walk. Because there’s just no hiding it: we love what we do. It’s in our DNA to be the most razor sharp IT experts in every room, and we get a thrill out of getting stuff right. Most importantly: we’re on a mission to never let you fall behind. It’s more than our job, it’s who we are. We’re your IT people.

Integration Partners has a personality, and so do their customers. And their website shows it. The image sections are placeholders for video background showing people doing big things a little differently. Think Elvis running a marathon, brazen skydivers, or a man on the moon.

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Help Integration Partners (IP) tell their story and promote their brand in a crowded market.

As a leading, full-service voice and data network engineering firm, IP designs, implements, and supports secure, converged networks (telephone, video and data communication in one network – offering convenience and flexibility for companies).

Changing this sort of vendor can be expensive, risky and complicated, so making the decision to change an existing VAR is a huge commitment.

Any company can say they’re unique, but IP actually walks the walk. Because they love what they do and get a thrill out of getting stuff right. And most importantly: they’re on a mission to never let their customers fall behind. It’s more than a job, it’s who they are. This quality informs their service and lets them do their job better.

Since most of IP’s business is built on relationships, loyalty, and their ability to predict exactly what their customer needs to stay ahead before that customer even knows it is a need, this stood out as a differentiating quality in their marketplace. This uncanny ability only comes when both parties in a relationship know and trust each other really well.

Here I highlighted the unique culture of IP, which they are very proud of, because it directly reflects their forward thinking and highly successful approach to technology services.

I was the primary art director and designer on this project, working directly with my writing partner to develop all concepts and visual directions. Everything shown here is a direct result of that collaboration.

Creative Director: Sam Pitino
Art Director: Michelle Pergal
Copywriter: Jess Tardy

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