Creates high quality running apparel. Each product line is inspired by a specific country and for every product sold, they donate a percentage of sales to support clean water initiatives.

New logo for Janji. The winding forms of the logo echo the Janji philosophy that running is an adventure, and are also inspired by the waves and fluidity of water.

The logo, colors, and patterns work in harmony as integral parts of their brand palette.

Looks great on Janji apparel

Go Nomad Brand Launch

We wanted to give Janji a platform that embraces a spirit of exploration. We wanted it feel as big as Janji’s ambitions to make the world a better place. We wanted it to be as active and exciting as the brand itself.


Nomads like to move. They go where they want, how they want. And along the road, their always making new discoveries.

Guerilla wheatpaste ads

Defining what it means to Go Nomad. The Janji Manifesto embraces the adventurous and playful spirit of the brand.

Nepal Line Product Launch

Campaign launch elements using Janji’s soon to be released Nepal line. These showcase both the clothes and the country that inspired them.


Print ad

OOH ad

Social Media and Website

The social strategy infuses Janji’s Instagram with their story, and drives posts to their website where customers can purchase Janji apparel.


Posts showing photos promote the new Nepal product launch. Patterned posts promote the artists they partner with to create their unique clothing designs. Posts with phrases promote the overall Go Nomad brand philosophy.

Product launch post example. After showing the pattern in the first image, the second image would introduce the Nepalese artist that created the pattern. Finally, the third image shows the apparel item using that pattern, and drives to the website where you could purchase it.

The website redo prominently features the Go Nomad messaging and new Nepal line on the homepage.

Clean Water Initiatives

With 10% of product sales supporting clean water initiatives, Janji runs to make a difference.


Apparel will be packaged inside a reusable water bottle. The tag reads “Your purchase gave a Nepalese family clean water for a year.” It will be made from an actual map of that country to bring the idea to life.

Janji can partner with an app that tracks miles run. A donation could then be made for clean water based on how many miles are traveled. People could be sponsored by friends, or a larger corporate partner.


  1. Develop a clear and distinctive voice.
  2. Assist with a communication strategy to support
    each country-specific product launch.
  3. Increase awareness of brand and mission.

Janji philosophies that guided the rebrand

Embrace a spirit of adventure.
Celebrate the road less traveled.
Create a movement based on freedom and spontaneity.

Creative Director: Sam Pitino
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Harry Kniznik
Art Director: Michelle Pergal
Designers: Matt St. Pierre, Jill Pacheco
Jr. Copywriter: Evangeline Condakes


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