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Crazy Big Swim

Here we give swimmers an opportunity to show the pride and dedication it takes to be a part of this sport. Using that “inside baseball” (or swimming in this case) knowledge makes for genuine conversations with the audience. The more swimmers who join Crazy Big Swim, the more money is raised to fight cancer.

Event Posters

Using original illustrations



Swimmers, coaches, and parents have the option to buy a t-shirt and swag bag for participating in the event.

Direct Mail

Pop-up card inviting swimmers to join Crazy Big Swim.

Social Strategy

#CrazyBigSwim will be tagged on all posts.

In addition, all the content posted on social sites should fit into two of the three categories below.

Examples of CRAZY (about crazy fun, crazy passion, #shareyourcrazy, crazy good, crazy swim selfies)
Examples of BIG (scale of training, dedication, stats, effort, Olympians)
Examples of SWIM (love of the sport, facts, quotes, why swimming is awesome, underwater imagery, insane pools around the world)


Illustration post

Twitter post
Breaking world records
(Big + Swim theme)

Instagram Post
Swimming rituals
(Crazy + Swim theme)

Instagram Post
Swim culture
(Crazy + Swim theme)

Raise money for cancer awareness while breaking a Guinness world record for the world’s largest swim meet, and making it fun as most of the participants are kids.

Once the coaches commit to the event, the parents are the ones registering their children. We had no way to directly contact the swimmers. This event was not open to the public.

Swimmers are unique athletes – some may call them crazy. The dedication to training is endless and the swim meets are as well.

This meet will live up to these swimmers’ standards and even be Guinness-World-Record-Big. So, to raise awareness, we used an “inside baseball” approach to capture swimmers’ attention and raise awareness about this record-breaking scaled event. At the same time, we celebrate the crazy that comes with being a swimmer.

I was most instrumental in developing the social media strategy of this campaign, as well as concepting the Tshirts, and designing the logo. The social media portion was especially important to this campaign because we had to reach the swimmers in order to build the community around it. Not only did we need to get the participating swimmers excited, but we also wanted to reach those who cannot participate in hopes they spread the word and sign up next year.

Creative Director: Sam Pitino
Associate Creative Director: Joe Krikava
Art Direction: Michelle Pergal, Dana Ferruzzi
Copy: Taryl Hafer
Illustration: Rachel Idzerda
Design: Papee Thirawat

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