Namanama Web App

Flavor Exploration App Prototype

This web app was designed to allow individuals to visually represent and explore their flavor preferences. Users make entries and determine the visual appearance based on their personal impression.

Name/logo, concept, patterns and illustrations were developed exclusively for this app.

Thesis books

I had the books laser cut so each was circular. Each book represents one of the 5 basic tastes: salty, sweet, bitter, sour, umami. On the covers, I gradually introduce illustrative elements also used in my thesis. This ties into the progression of design from the starting point of Research, which is a very literal step, involving no design, so it is just the photography. As the covers progress, so do the design elements layered on top of photography, until the photography is almost completely obstructed. All photography is my own.

Below shows all of my books hanging at the show. So, viewers could walk around and read them as they were suspended.

Book 1 | Sweet | Research

Book 2 | Bitter | Studio 1

Book 3 | Sour | Studio 2

Book 4 | Umami | Documentation

Book 5 | Salty | Credits & Sources

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