Wonder Bar

Be Wildered

It’s the things we don’t fully grasp that are the most fascinating. Wonder makes life interesting. It draws us in and makes us look at things differently. Let’s welcome wonder and curiosity. Let’s be a place that celebrates originality. Let’s ask the big questions while laughing at the absurdity of it all. Let’s be wildered.

Wonderbar has been around for a while. Although they had a strong regular party crowd, they were looking to leave behind their old reputation as a dive bar, and elevate their establishment with a brand new fusion inspired menu, and an overhauled identity.

Despite the face lift, we are talking about overhauling a bar here. One that does in fact have quite the history. Patrons want to get deep and ponder deep questions, while also eating and drinking delicious things.

Given that combination, we took an irreverent approach to the idea of wonderment. Patrons are encouraged to “be wildered.” In an offbeat quirky way, we capture the essence of wonder in an unexpected location: a bar. The campaign inspires wonder with romantic type, glowing auras, and sweeping scenes of everything from space to nature’s majesty. All with a nod to the original retro roots of Wonderbar.

Developed storytelling approach, and print and out of home advertising concepts along with look and feel. Logo design and branding. Interior design recommendations.

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